Saturday, May 16, 2009

Potty Talk

May 15, 2009 (Friday) – Part II
Potty Talk

So remember when I told the story of almost getting left in the Metro Detroit Airport while beginning to use the restroom? The potty stories don’t stop there.

The first night Lisette and I realized that it got dark around 6pm, and decided to use the restroom so we wouldn’t have to go out in the middle of the night. It was already pitch dark, so all we could do was laugh at how funny it was to use it in the dark, outside.
Then the next morning I didn’t realize that the toilet stalls were locked. So I took 3 minutes to practically pull the door as hard as I could, then finally concluded with grabbing a good ole’ bucket in our zozo. Little did I know, the bucket I decided to use had a small crack in it. You can guess the rest….LOL.

That evening the only working toilet broke (today later we discovered it was because some neighborhood kid stuck a 10 lb. “brick” down it. But what was so funny is that the plumber cam out to take a look a dug a 5 feet hole in the ground to get to the pipes. He began digging through them with his bear hands, and it stank. All I could here him saying was “Shit!” And I thought, “Yes, literally.”

*The Toilet (and the washer)
*Nomusa dodging the overflowing toilet
*Plumber man


  1. Less hassle when it's just a hole in the ground:)

  2. Thanks for sharing this funny story! That's one of the things I learned when traveling - bathrooms/toilets come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes it's just a tree :)